Monday, February 16, 2009

The Glacial Meltdown Martini

As the gastronomic experience is not complete without the proper spirits, I decided to add this delectable and politically topical drink recipe.
It's incredibly easy but also rather sweet, so sugar-tooth's beware.

Drink (makes about 3 servings)
- 1 cup pineapple juice
- 1 cup lemon-lime soda beverage
- 1/3 cup blue curacao
- 1/3 cup white rum
- 10 ice cubes

Ice Bowl
Take 2 different sized plastic bowls filling the larger one about half way with tap water. Take the smaller bowl and place it inside the larger one pressing it down until the water comes up the sides until it reaches the top of the bowl. This will take some experimentation as you need to find appropriately sized bowls in order for this to work. The bowls should allow for about a 1.5 inch thickness of the ice and should be deep enough to hold about 1.5 L of the drink.
Once you have filled the bowl, tape or weigh down the smaller empty bowl so that water bowl keeps its form. Place this in the freezer/outside for about 4 hours. To remove the bowls, pour some warm water on the outside of the larger bowl until it starts to come loose taking care not to crack the ice bowl. Do the same to the top bowl while trying to wiggle it loose. This part takes a delicate touch as the bowl can crack during this process. Test your bowl to make sure it will hold liquid before actually putting your booze in the bowl.

I just used store bought ginger bread mix and made it into a glacier shape. I also used canned icing for the snow/ice look (be sure to tell your guests the name of your drink if you are not artistically inclined...everyone thought my glacier was a half white/half blue triangle). I know, I know, I'm sure there are good homemade recipes for ginger bread mix, my mom has one, but I was busy when I made the one in the picture.

Place your Glacier behind your ice bowl (place ice bowl on some sugar sprinkled on a serving tray to keep the bowl from sliding around). Pour your martini into the ice bowl, make some joke about Al Gore or a fervent and incendiary speech about Stephen Harper's calamitous disregard for climate change, and serve to your guests!
(Bow tie is optional)

Chef James


  1. I like how my response to Mo's gourmet dish is a sugary mixed drink with a cookie...although, the bow tie does class it up a bit

  2. ok 3 questions:
    - so the iceberg doesnt go inside the ice bowl?
    - what happens when the bowl melts?
    - when was this pic taken you look youthful! well, more youthful than usual..

  3. 1) no the iceberg doesn't go inside the bowl, its just eye and mouth candy.
    2) ya, ice bowls are tricky. Mine was poorly crafted and actually cracked (due to global warming) mid-service. The bowl SHOULD last for like 3-6 hours, i'm told, so you could either put it back in the freezer once done serving or, as i did, break it up into big chunks, stick the ice chunks in martini glasses with a couple of shots of rum and call it a Cuban Iceberg.
    3) This was taken X-mas of 2007, so it was just over a year ago. I think it was the spirit of x-mas that made me look so youthful...also that was my bow tie from when i was like 4 so it brings back my youthfulness