Sunday, February 15, 2009

Milchreis, for John Casey

When I lived in Germany me and my friends would rush to the grocery store during recess to pick up 50 cent Milchreis.  It's basically delicious delicious rice pudding that can be served hot or cold and with 100000 different toppings.  I kind of forgot about milchreis till last term when I craved this comfort food. After looking at 100000 sketchy online recipes, and some trial & error, I came up with the following recipe.  
Bonus Fact: I remember hearing about some pagan christmas tradition of serving rice pudding and whoever gets the bowl with the almond in it wins a prize. and the prize is the almond. 

You will need:

- 2/3 cup short-grain white rice
- 2 1/3 cups milk (any % depending on how fat you think you are) 
- 2 tbs. butter 
- 2 tbs. sugar 
- pinch o' salt 
- rind of 1/2 lemon (peel into larger chunks for easy removal!) 
- 1 tsp. vanilla 
- cinnamon sugar (2 tbs sugar + 1 tbs cin.) 

1. Pour the milk, butter, salt, sugar, vanilla and lemon rind into a teflon pot. Bring the mixture to a boil. 
2. Stir in the rice. Turn down heat to low and cover with lid. Let it cook for approx. 45-50 mins. 
3. You will get the urge to open the lid and look and stir but REFRAIN! 
4. At the 45 minute mark check on the rice and taste to see if it's ready. The milk should be absorbed, the rice should be soft and the dish should have the consistency of pudding. 
5. If it's not ready, do not panic. It just needs a few more minutes and perhaps more milk.  Use your judgement bro. 
6. Once the pudding is done remove the lemon rind. Let it cool down, or not. Plate it and top it off with a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar.  It's also yummy with some fresh fruit or nuts or raisins if you're crazy like that.. 

 i hope you like this, its one of my favs!

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  1. danke shoen!
    this looks almost as delicious as wayne newton... almost...
    I'm gonna try and make it this week.

    ps - when did you live in Germany??