Sunday, May 31, 2009

coucou coocoo cukoo

too many desserts on the dancefloor! k seriously needed to get some savory back in here. sorry for pulling a james and posting five thousand recipes at once but im on a train and im bored. so deal.  

ok but this is a persian dish (unsure on spelling) my dad makes and it really hits the spot. it tastes supremely healthy because it is! besides the dozen eggs...ALSO its the closest thing to vegan ive posted ever! again, except for all the eggs...but it needs something to bind it together. i guess you could try it with whatever egg supplement you crazy veegs are using these days? ok i take it back vegans are not crazay. just protein deficient... just kidding again, relax! so you can eat this as a side, as a main, sandwiched between bread as a sandwich. best served with sliced tomatoes... its super versatile and keeps well in le frigo.  oh yeah and apparently kookoo means 'where is it?' in farsi... sooo its that good. 

- 1 bunch curly parsley 

- 1 bunch flat-leaf parsley (k dont ask me why both varieties are needed...) 

- 1 bunch green onions 

- 6 leaves of romaine lettuce 

- spinach leaves (optional, for some reason..i dont know..) 

- 6 eggs (or more...) 

- coarsely chopped walnuts about 85-100g ( depending on how much do you like walnuts slash hate that guy with the nut allergy?) 

- 80g  barberries (they are these kickass delicious tarty berries.. if you cannot find these cranberries work too but your dish will suffer for it)  

- s+p to taste 

top it all off with sliced tomatoes dressed with olive oil, balsamic and DILL! dried or fresh. once i sprinkled some dried mint on it by accidento and it was kinda narst. also if you wanna use leftovers to do the coocoo on a bun option, use tomatoes + some feta yum! 


1. chop all the greens really finely. a food processor works best (just dont overdo it otherwise the veg gets bitter) 

2. Stir in your walnuts and berries 

3. Add the 6 eggs carefully do not overmix. depending on the amount of veggies that came in your bunches etc. you may need extra eggs. use your judgment you fool, foolish sucka! 

4. Now pour the mixture into a well-oiled frying pan and cook on medium heat for 20-25 minutes. At this point youll need to flip it over to cook it on the other side.  XXX-Large spatula works or the plate flip method or cutting the coocoo into more manageable pieces before flipping. you want the eggs to set and both sides to brown nicely.  Alternatively, if you have an oven-proof pan you can cook it in the oven for 30-40 mins. ok so confession times ive never made this i just scribbled down the recipe as my dad was making it today but if youre willing to be my guinea pigs i will make it for you? dinner party at my house? bring your fancy pants!

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  1. ooooh...looks interesting, although i'm pretty sure you just made up these "barberries". Though i am certain parsley exists