Sunday, May 31, 2009

do the chickens have large talons?

last post i swear! but this was an extra-special request from my extra-special long lost roommate and friend lyndsey 'legs' cox, better known to you as liinsay. on second thought, probably not since she's never added a recipe to the blog..looks sternly.. 
for those of you who've been to our apartment, sharing this recipe for breaded chicken will only confirm your notion that we have some weird poultry fetish (we don't). but let me just state that legs started it!!! she's the one who brought the rubber chicken into our lives and it sorta just escalated from there.. anyhoo, this recipe involves handling raw chicken so she must be trying to impress someone. but yeah its pretty tasty and fun for the whole family if you feel like chicken tonite. 

you'll need:
chicken breasts 
some flour 
1-2 eggs 
grated parmesan 
dried herbs 

1. wash your chicken breasts and pat dry. then cut into strips (or not..) 
2. prepare three plates/shallow bowls: one with just the flour, one with just the (whisked) eggs, and the third with the remaining dry ingredients. i didn't give measurements because it depends on the amount of chicken used, but its equal parts breadcrumbs and parm (maybe a little less parm) you can use any dried herb you like but i usually go for 'herbes de provence' or this Greek seasoning made by clubhouse.  
3. working with a couple chicken strips at a time, dip the strips first in flour (lightly), then in the eggs (shake off excess), then in your breadcrumb mixture. if you like a thicker breading (fatty) you can double dip them (back in the eggs, then the b-mix)  
4. when all your strips are good and breaded, you have two choices: either bake them for 20-25 mins @400 degrees turning once, or fry em up in your skillet with a little olive oil until done (NO pink) enjoy with your fav dipping sauce, or sliced lemons work nicely too..

youre welcome, come home soon :)

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  1. ha! that looks delicious!
    I love the inclusion of props